Still More: Let’s do this season’s teamgroup in an interesting and unusual location!

Another dip into the seemingly bottomless well of go-getting commercial managers or adventurous photographers who said: “Hang on, let’s just try this…”

I just love this one – Middlesbrough staging their 1977 Shoot! team group in a wedding reception with some of the guests included… the bride’s father couldn’t be more proud…

Many thanks to Matt Hopkinson who brought this one to our attention… The brave boys of Nimes have managed to track down and corner a crocodile in a shopping centre.
Don’t worry, if he starts playing up there’s Eric Cantona in the back row, he can drop-kick him in the chest.

Thanks are also due to Mark Allen who dug out the following two gems – Bolton Wanders crowding round a LADA circa 1978 (Frank Worthington does not look impressed though Big Sam Allardyce quite fancies one)…

…and Carlisle United from the late 60s who decided to stage their team group for the Football League Review in a Dickensian novel…

Keep sending us those teamgroup’s in an interesting and unusual location or TGIAIAULs… and we’ll add them to our growing pile of all-time stunners. Check out all the previous corkers below!

1 – The original and still slightly alarming Harry Redknapp’s Bomo and the end of the pier, and more…
2 – Including the all-time classic Welsh welcome in the sheep-strewn hillside, and more…
3 – Including Oxford’s day trip to Blenheim Palace, Celtic in an airing cupboard and more…
4 – South Americans Special, inc. Peruvian censorship scandal, superimposed El Salvadorians and more…

If you actually care about the backdrop of your teams photos then you probably need to buy ‘Got, Not Got’ available here for just £12.99, post free.


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1 Response to Still More: Let’s do this season’s teamgroup in an interesting and unusual location!

  1. renatomattar says:

    Man, I got here because of the Bolton’s picture. Impressive gathering of odd pictures you have here. Congrats!

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