Enter the Dragon? Cardiff get the Blues…

The thin end of a very thick wedge?
Vincent Tan, Cardiff City’s Malaysian investor, wants to throw out over a century of tradition in order to change the Bluebirds home strip to a colour that will be more popular in the Far East…

He wants Cardiff to wear red next season and the Bluebird badge to be replaced by a dragon, proving that he knows less than nothing about football supporters and the importance to them of their clubs totems. For many it would be like giving the Christian brand an overhaul and introducing a modern forward-looking triangle instead of a cross.

This was presented as a fait accompli by the Malaysian owners who claim they will be investing £100m on new players, a training ground and increased stadium capacity, thereby making anyone who protests against the change look as though they are trying to hold the club back.
It’s difficult to put over ideals such as tradition, pride and symbolism in the face of a balance sheet, but Cardiff fans are protesting against this move to turn them into ‘Team Wales’ and this online petition has already been signed by almost 3,000 people.
Any football fan, regardless of who they support, should be aware that if the traditions of our game can be swept aside by anyone with enough money then it could happen to your club…

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