Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever… meets Unusual and Ill-advised Teamgroups!

In a special two-for-one bumper package of retro amusement, here’s yet more candidates for the coolest football card ever… crossed almost seamlessly with our recent series of teamgroups shot in stoopid places in a stoopid way featuring stoopid players.
First up is a strange yet undeniably intriguing case of censorship on A&BC’s rare 1970 Word Cup teamgroup mini-posters. To put it quite bluntly, rumour has it that the swaggering maverick star of the Peruvian side, Teofilo Cubillas (with all due respect to the sturdy Hector Chumpitaz) failed to notice his Amazonian trouser snake slithering out of the undergrowth of his tiny shorts. A big shiny rosette was apparently the only way to retrospectively save the great man’s blushes…
Surely it’s no coincidence that Teofilo’s Uruguayan cousin Luis Cubillas is acting the giddy goat in his own team group, pathetically failing to squat in line with his chums, getting all sideways on and embarrassed about having to put his arm round a bloke, while simultaneously getting a ball caught up under his knees. What a bodge.

And so to El Salvador. To be honest, we haven’t got a clue what’s going on here. It’s almost as if the artist from some antique Charles Buchan’s Gift Book was let loose on a black-and-white photo in a vain attempt to pass it off as colour. Unbelievably shite, but again strangely difficult to tear yourself away from in a car-crash kinda way

More cool crap cards here:
Preposterous Foreigner Eighth Final
(hmm, they don’t have eighth finals any more, do they? And what’s this bloody modern rubbish ‘Round of 16′…)
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Thanks to Nigel Mercer and his smashing football card webspace.

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2 Responses to Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever… meets Unusual and Ill-advised Teamgroups!

  1. Maxisol says:

    The card of the peruvian team wasn’t censured because of Cubillas big snake. You can see another picture from that occasion here:

    • notgot says:

      Well, would you believe it! The big shiny star rosette is real! Teofilo’s Amazonan trouser snake is merely average!

      Thank for clearing that up, Mrs Cubillas!

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