The Manc Derby – We Told You So…

Just in case anybody thought it was a joke, we’ve already had the result of the City-United derby up for days here on the GNG blog  – along with the polite suggestion that readers put their shirt on a City win.
Later in the week we’ll do the necessary research and carry our 100% all-time prediction record into next weekend, putting up the result of Newcastle-Man City in plenty of time for you to win yourself a guaranteed shirt/ house/ fortune/ pint. Christmas comes early with Got, Not Got – especially if you’re a City fan (for this week, at least…). 
For anyone who missed it, the source of our inside information is unravelling clues hidden in vibrations from the past. The key to any football result lies in complex historic patterns, in the psychology of the conflict, and in the deep-lying personality of the competing clubs and players…

In other words we look up old Focus interviews in copies of Shoot! from the 1970s, analyse the relative power of Gary Owen (Man City)’s Starsky & Hutch vs. Steve Coppell (Man U)’s The Bionic Woman – and Bob’s yer uncle.

Maybe spend some of your winnings on this baby? 224 lavish pages studded with 1,000 pictures of luvverly old childhood tat and proper footballers doing muddy, manly things. 80,000 heartwarming words, too. It’s short-listed for Football Book of the Year, and is going cheap, slashed to £12.99 post free on Amazon.

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