BAB: The Rarest, the Most Mysterious – and Hilarious – Football Stickers Ever

Continuing the grand GNG quest for the coolest football card ever, today we take a look at what are definitely among the rarest and most mysterious stickers produced in the Golden Age of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s… which just happen to be hilarious into the bargain!
On his Bible-like, hugely recommended webspace, card guru Nigel Mercer reckons, “BAB has always represented one of the great mysteries of football sticker producers” – and for anyone interested, has finally managed to come up with some clues as to who, where, what and if. Er no, not if…

Meanwhile, we can take an exclusive look at the weird wrinkly ageing process employed by the mystery company, transforming young players into octagenarian wrecks – and also the ‘doodle’ style used to effectively make laughing stocks of the greats.

Produced in the early ’70s, you can expect to pay around a fiver a shot for these babies! A tenner if the seller knows you used to have one on your schoolbag…

Or you could just get a copy of Got Not Got for 12 quid – 7 quid off – and look at the thousand lavish pics of luvverly old stuff in there. Happy second childhood to dads everywhere… 

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