The Quest for the Coolest Football Sticker Ever – Bumper Amusing Foreigners Special!

The grand Got, Not Got quest for the coolest football card/sticker of all time shifts up a gear today with six entries from foreign shores that will take a bit of beating.
The possibles line up in three main categories: hairdon’ts (including preposterous tashes), shit kit and the old favourite, People Looking Slightly Younger. Ronaldo with hair! Bobby Manc aged 12! Fernando Torres aged 11!
FC Haarlem’s Abe Van den goes straight into the bookies’ top 5 with his cracking Edwardian handlebar effort, while the 1970s Beerschot kit (featuring a giant pair of specs) boasts a more subtle appeal – and could be due for a comeback as the perfect referee and linesman abuse accessory that’s 100% deniable. 
Let’s see how these amusing foreign chancers fair against the cream of British cards we’ve showcased so far:

6th Round replay 5th Round replay  4th Round replay 
3rd Round replay – 2nd Round replay1st Round replay

Thanks go out to Dan at the excellent blog for sending in these crackers. There’s loads more where these beauties came from, heading for an epic reader vote. If you’d like to nominate your own cool cats, contenders and loveable triers, please do scan or snap them and bung them to the usual address…

Got, Not Got – shortlisted for Football Book of the Year, and price hacked yet again on Amazon. Yours for the price of a round of drinks!

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5 Responses to The Quest for the Coolest Football Sticker Ever – Bumper Amusing Foreigners Special!

  1. Graeme Lang says:

    that really is one cracking ‘tache sitting on the upper lip of Mr Van Den Ban! He da man!! Presumably the spectacles on the Beerschot kit were called “Beer Goggles”?

  2. Blue Baby says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  3. Paul says:

    Game over, all bets off. Abe wins by a couple of country miles.
    The greatest football card portrait ever without a doubt.

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