More: Let’s do this season’s teamgroup in an interesting and unusual location!

These days team groups are dull affairs dominated by sponsors logos, taken inside stadia with a backdrop of perfectly laid out coloured seats…
Back in the day there always seemed to be a go-getting commercial manager or adventurous photographer who wanted to try ‘something different’…

Many thanks to Stewart Lee for sending us this marvellous late-70s Wales team group which could hardly have been taken in a more appropriate setting than a valley full of sheep.  “We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside We’ll keep a welcome in the Vales…”

This FKS EuroSoccer postcard from 1975 shows Everton in the school gym. Team groups should never be taken indoors, this photo is claustrophobic and reeks of rubber and stale sweat. Perhaps it was raining?

Jimmy Bloomfield’s Leicester side break with tradition for this Shoot centre-spread from 1973-74. After decades of having the team group taken in front of the Double Decker stand with ‘Leicester City Football Club’ painted on the front wall, they moved backwards and onto the Spion Kop terraces. Mind your ankles, for God’s sake…

If you actually care about the backdrop of your teams photos then you probably need to buy ‘Got, Not Got’ available here for just £12.99, post free.

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11 Responses to More: Let’s do this season’s teamgroup in an interesting and unusual location!

  1. Who’s the boffin in the white lab coat in the Leicester City teamgroup?

  2. Graeme Lang says:

    Strong Leeds connection with that Welsh squad!! Curtis, Latheran, Stevenson, Harris, Thomas, Yorath and Flynn all either played for or would go on to play for Leeds! George Berry’s hair is always a joy to behold! You could hide a sheep in there!

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Looking at those players Wales really should have achieved a bit more back then.
      George’s afro was never more perfectly round.

  3. MadDogLCFC says:

    “You could hide a sheep in there!” You could hide Bryan Flynn in there!

  4. I was thinking the same thing about that Welsh squad. It’s brimming with talent, I guess in a similar way to the Scottish squad of the same time.
    Perhaps for the Welsh, having an Englishman who only ever player amateur football in charge may not have helped their cause.
    Neither i suspect did the red flared Admiral tracksuit bottoms.

  5. Chris Worrall says:

    Celtic team group in Panini Football 78 is an interesting one if you can unearth it. They squashed into a very tiny white painted room. Looks like the walls are closing in on them.

  6. Graeme Lang says:

    Staying in Scotland, there was a Hibs (I think) team photo from ¨Panini circa 1980 which was quite unusual. I think instead of sitting down on benches, they were stood in a line across the goalmouth, all standing slightly side on to the camera…….

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Just found that in Football 82 thanks Graeme. All lined up between the posts. They look like Chelsea last night.

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