If GNG did Cup semi-finals – neutral grounds, romance and vintage tickets alert!

“Wembley for hire… should the semis return to neutral grounds?” That was the question we tweeted at the weekend on the back of our ‘FA Cup Semi-Finals at Wembley – Just Wrong’ story, causing a flurry of activity among fans brassed off with the trampling of Cup tradition in order to fill FA coffers and ruin the once unique showpiece Final…
Best of all was Andrew Connors’ (@conmeister82) story about his granddad! “Semi finals at neutral venues defo – my grandad lived in Aston used to let fans park on drive as long as they returned with a programme! he wud invite fans in 4 a cuppa after too! & I’ve got the programmes to prove it!”
Adam Redman ‏ @adamredman5
A massive yes. Neutral ground semis are so much better, but then football is run by idiots that don’t care about tradition.
Darren Simpson ‏ @mrdarrensimpson
Yup they should. Villa Park was always a good venue. Remember Whiteside’s volley in 83. SMASH!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMpjp72WNy4
Jon Keen ‏ @urzz1871
All supporter surveys & feedback I’ve seen show almost unanimous opposition to #facup semi-finals at Wembley.
john bayliss ‏ @WhallopAOTS
And when have supporters views ever been taken into consideration?
Ian R ‏ @unitedite
@urzz1871 @gotnotgot I think it was 1993 that set it all going. Spurs v Arsenal announced for Wembley and the people of Sheffield kicked off
we had been allocated Elland Rd and if the London derby was moved due to ticket demand why shouldnt ours! Didn’t agree
Jon Keen ‏ @urzz1871
I thought it was more about the cost overrun of building Wembley. FA need maximum utilisation of stadium.
Jess Cully ‏ @malmo58
We don’t have a choice – Wembley needs all FA Cup semi-finals to pay off the bill for its construction 😦
Ian R ‏ @unitedite
I think 93 helped them justify that later money spinning idea by saying the fans want it. Less relevant now we have other high capacity stadia – bigger than the 43k that Elland Rd and Villa Pk were back then… exceptional circumstances became unexceptional !
And while we’re at it – no to moving FA Cup ties from slopey Non-League mudbaths to Premier League carpet showrooms, either!

More of this counter-revolutionery arsiness, luvverly old footer memorabilia and acting the giddy goat in Got, Not Got – short-listed for Football Book of the Year 2012, and price hacked yet again on Amazon.

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