How many players can you name on this Admiral poster?

We reckon there are 52 identifiable players on this Admiral poster… who can name the most?

Click on the image for a bigger version… and put your answer in the comments section. We reckon that Detriot Express fans might be at something of an advantage…
There may be a prize. We haven’t decided yet.

There’s more of this sort of thing in the British Sports Book Awards nominated ‘Got, Not Got’ which is available online here and here and in branches of Waterstones and WH Smiths… 

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23 Responses to How many players can you name on this Admiral poster?

  1. Stewart Lee says:

    Lou Macari, Kevin Keegan, Trevor Cherry, Trevor Francis, Bryan “pop” Robson, tony Currie,John Chedozie, Peter Taylor,Peter Shilton, Stuart Pearson,Ray Wilkins, Peter Barnes, Ian Wallace,Bryan Flynn, Bob Latchford… bugger – not even 50% – but thaks for the wallpaper !!!

  2. Chris O says:

    Here’s my attempt (probably incorrect in places!)

    Bryan ‘Pop’ Robson (WHU)
    Ray Wilkins (ENG)
    Tony Currie (ENG)
    Martin Peters (NOR)
    Lou Macari (MNU)
    Ian Wallace (COV)
    Kevin Keegan (ENG)
    Stuart Pearson (MNU)
    Peter Shilton (ENG)
    Peter Taylor (TOT)
    John Chiedozie? (ORI)
    Kenny Sansom (CRY)
    Trevor Francis (ENG)
    Bob Latchford (ENG)

    …so that’s 14 – if they’re all right! 🙂

  3. thefoxfanzine says:

    Correction – it’s not John Chiedozie!

  4. Is that Tanji Banjo in the Orient braces?

  5. A wild guess, the Detroit Express and Trevor Francis bottom right? Maybe even Gordon Strachan on the ball for Aberdeen as well. Or i could be wrong.

  6. russellvilla says:

    Dont expect many will get that’s Chico Hamilton [chasing Peter Taylor of Spurs?] in his Sheff Utd days post Villa. UTV

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      That’s a bloody good shout Russell, didn’t know he’d moved there.

      • russellvilla says:

        Thanks foxfanzine.
        And some of the Detroit Express team: back row – left to right: 26= ??, 11=Steve Earle, 7=Mick Leach, 8=Keith Furphy, 5=Graham Oates, 13=Steve David, 1=Steve Hardwick, 2=Paul Hunter, 22=??,
        front row – left to right: 4=Eddie Colquhoun, ?? (Cant see number!), 11=Brian Tinnion, 12=Angus Moffatt (not Gordon Strachan!), 10=David Bradford, ?? (Cant see number), 20=Trevor Francis

  7. thefoxfanzine says:

    Yes Trevor Francis, but we think think Joe ‘Van Morrison’ Harper on the ball for Aberdeen.

  8. Glenn Ellaby says:

    Dennis Rofe ,Kenny Sansom, Peter Taylor ,Kevin Lock, Peter Shilton, Don Mcallister, Chris Jones Martin Peters, Kevin Keegan, Bob Latchford, Peter Barnes, Trevor Franci,s Ray Wilkins, Brian Flynn, Jeremy Charles, Bryan Pop Robson, Ian Wallace, Lou Macari ,Tony Sealy, Tony Currie, Stuart Pearson, Kevin Keegan(again), Trevor Cherry, Mick Leach,and Trevor Francis Again

  9. thefoxfanzine says:

    Good work on Detroit Russell! We’re not far off now if someone can name those Rangers and Aberdeen players other than Joe Harper.

  10. Chris Worrall says:

    Most of them are named now, so ….. the two Rangers players are Colin McAdam and Alex MacDonald I think. Also the other Wales player (not teeny tiny Brian) is Phil Dwyer. Player behind Sansom is Ted MacDougal. Brazil outfield player is Toninho Cerezo. Judging by the hair and build I think the Leicester player directly behind Pearson is Steve Sims. I think the player between Cherry and Keegan is Trevor Francis. (again).

  11. Stewart Lee says:

    Is that Jimmy Nicoll (sp?) in the southampton spurs game – or have I got mulletititis from looking at this thing too much ?

  12. trevorforever says:

    Detroit Express – #3 Ian Davies (front row second from left), #6 Steve Seargeant (front row second from right)

    • trevorforever says:

      Detroit Express – #26 Dave Dolphus(?) and #22 Hal Partenheimer(?), neither of whom payed in a first team match in 1978 when this photo was taken

  13. The two Rangers players are Alex McDonald & Colin Jackson.

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