The Rebel: Giant Souvenir Poster of Ultimate Football Card Punk Rock Hero

Yesterday the GNG blokes did a frolicsome interview in bed with Maradona. She taped all the best bits on video and on her cassette player and has now posted it up on her award-winning website for your amusement and retro titillation.
Conducted in a cheeky mood with the conical-bra’d ’80s vixen, Derek’s best interview bit is where he claims his favourite chunk of memorabilia is Subbuteo streakers. Not to be outdone, Gary then counters by admitting an affection for the Peru kit in 00-scale.

There’s loads more of this sort of stuff:
“Two 1980s synthesizers for £10 from East Farndon Village Hall. I even got Joanne the dancer/backing vocalist out of the Human League chucked in for free.”
“GNG is all things to all men… as long as those men were little boys in the 60s, 70s, 80s or early 90s.”
“I was strictly a card man.”
To illustrate and celebrate Derek’s answer, here’s a life-sized poster of Mick Evans from Derek’s favourite football card set of all time – the Anglo Confectionery one from when he was 7 in 1969, the one that went down the leagues, even taking in this Walsall Town rebel who moodily refused to stand in the middle of his football card, and curiously stuck in the mind as a role model ever since.
Iggy and the Stooges. The MC5. Slade. Black Power. Mick Evans, the third division’s first punk rocker. It was all kicking off around the dawn of the 1970s, even at Launde Infant School.

Got, Not Got – short-listed for Football Book of the Year 2012, and price hacked yet again on Amazon. Yours for the price of a round of drinks!

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