The Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever – Round 6 – Jawdropping ’70s Special!

Just when you hoped we might have forgotten, here’s the long-awaited sixth round of entries in the grand Got, Not Got Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever.
First up is Birmingham City’s stylish Tony Want, whose golden hairdon’t had the advantage of looking like a sensible side-parting when viewed from the front in a darkened discotheque… then wallop! Tony leaned on the bar or performed a Travolta spin to reveal to his intended female companion the full glory of his shimmering tramplike extensions. Influential on a global scale: witness Krusty the Klown, and the jealous observation “he’s got a Want about him…”QPR’s Ron Abbott does his level best to achieve Want-style impact, generously aided by an FKS artist who not only recoloured his hair to a deep bronze, but also his ears. And he capped his teeth too. We’ve checked on other cards, and these pearly choppers existed only in the imagination of the sticker-album makeover department.
And so to Ipswich’s Colin Harper, whose variation on The Look won new admirers when later adopted by Ian Botham… but which technically remains a red card offence.

Round 5 Replay  Round 4 replay – Round 3 replay
Round 2 replayRound 1 replay

There’s loads more where these beauties came from, heading for an epic reader vote. If you’d like to nominate your own cool cats, contenders and loveable triers, please do scan or snap them and bung them to the usual address…

Got, Not Got – in the mixer for Football Book of the Year, and price hacked yet again on Amazon. Yours for the price of a round of drinks, delivered free in time for Easter!

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2 Responses to The Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever – Round 6 – Jawdropping ’70s Special!

  1. Tom Jones says:

    You’ve got it the wrong way round. Colin Harper is cool. Tony Want is almost normal. Ron Abbot looks horrible.

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