Psychedelic, Mind-blowing and Other-worldy Football Kits: GNG Goes NASL

It started with our nomination for the grooviest, sickest, weirdest, saddest football kit of all time – the leather-fringed coffee and choc ‘uniform’ worn with pride by the NASL’s short-lived Caribous of Colorado.
But like an irresistible scab that has to picked, we just had to go back across the pond for another rummage in the kit locker of the NASL’s assorted style gurus, eccentrics and no-go nightmares.
Now dig this:
First up, a twisty psychedelic mind-bender sported by the Rochester Lancers in the 1970s – presumably before it was banned for ungentlemanly conduct, giving oppo players hallucinations during matches.
The Lancers crimes, however, are mre than made up for by the California Surf’s highly desirable design classic of an adidas kit, heavy on beach-bum cool.
The San Jose Earthquakes had one of the sharpest logos in the NASL, their ball-splitting rumble reaching right off the Richter Scale. Shame it wasn’t quite matched by the strapline dreamed up by the club’s PR Department…
And so to the subtle subconscious branding of the New England Tea Men, who only existed from 1978-80. Still long enough to provide a lump in the throat for any Leicester City fan, gazing on the shirt worn by the late, great Keith Weller after he bought his one-way ticket to the States, never to be seen again.

With sincere thanks and gratitude to the wonderful, the source of all these and many more other-worldy kit pics. Please do check out the full collection, which frankly beggars belief.

God bless you San Diego Sockers!

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4 Responses to Psychedelic, Mind-blowing and Other-worldy Football Kits: GNG Goes NASL

  1. The Earthquakes and Oakland Stompers were my local clubs as a kid. I will always love the crack through the ball on the Quakes’ shirt.

  2. I’m amazed the ‘modfather’ wore that awful yellow and red offering.

    I feel a verse of ‘are you Albion Rovers in disguise’ coming on………..

  3. notgot says:

    There’s some mod classics on that NASL page – I always loved the stylish weirdness of kits with numbers on the front. Very Eastern bloc 60s as well as early NASL!

    Keith and Paul would approve.

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