Beautiful, thoughtful and free: football club autograph sheets from the ’50s

You don’t find so many of these headed autograph sheets being given away by football clubs in the 21st century…
They’re beautiful, crafted by hand instead of all being banged out by the same old (new) computer software. The differences reflected the history and uniqueness of each of the clubs, and made them worth collecting.
It was thoughtful of the clubs to provide them for the millions of kids who couldn’t hang around for hours in person at the big door marked PLAYERS AND OFFICIALS ONLY.
And they were free, available to any kid for the price of a stamped addressed envelope…

Some clubs, admittedly, weren’t organised to respond to young Allen Brydges’ pleading letters. Blackpool, for instance – where the club secretary took his scrap of paper down to the changing room after training, and the players passed it around. Stan Matthews. Stan Mortensen… happy to oblige.

Thanks go out to Allen for lending us his memorabilia to share with fellow fans. Drop us a line if you’d like to see the Blackpool page in his autograph book, the Cardiff City, Huddersfield Town, Sunderland, Newcastle United, Pompey, West Brom, Spurs, Manchester United or Birmingham City autograph sheets.
Closer still to Allen’s heart – anyone up for a somewhat faded Aldershot Reserves page from 1950-51?

More rose-tinted wallowing in the past revolutionary plans to bring character, atmosphere and players who give a toss back into football here – reduced to the new-money equivalent of one shilling and sixpence.

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2 Responses to Beautiful, thoughtful and free: football club autograph sheets from the ’50s

  1. Ian du Feu says:

    I would love a peek at the Huddersfield Town sheet, thanks.

    • notgot says:

      The Terriers sheet is a bit plain, as it happens, but a couple of others have been in touch so I’ll post it up with those tomorrow!
      Still plenty of names to conjure with, for anyone who remembers the early 50s…

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