The Coolest Football Card Ever – ‘Anyone But Glenn Hoddle’ Managers Special

Here’s the fifth round of entries in the grand Got, Not Got Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever – and on the day when Glenn Hoddle throws his hat into the ring to be England boss, it’s time to wheel out some other contenders, sharpish…
First up is early glam-rock groover Alex Ferguson of Falkirk, whose sheer length of sidey was, at the time, shocking in the extreme. The Scottish Second Division wasn’t an easy place to be a rebel fashion icon back in the early ’70s, so Big Al’s luxuriant sideboards need to be viewed in historical context, like the Beatles’ wild moptops of the ’60s. Make no mistake, this cool cat was pure danger, wearing his love of bad-boy rock ‘n’ roll – the Rollers, Rory Gallagher, Slik – like a badge of honour.

Thanks go out to GNG Facebook page contributor Ian du Feu for nominating his Big Al. Meanwhile, no thanks at all to Richard Dinnis, an obscure coach whose giant faux-suede ‘n’ faux-leather car coat won him an unexpected two-year contract as Magpies boss back in 1977. Until he was sacked 6 months later.
And so to QPR’s Gerry Francis, who adds a new spin to the ‘tracksuit manager’ concept by pulling on his Hoops shirt over his shirt and tie. Strangely, it was a look that never caught on.
Round 4 replay Round 3 replayRound 2 replayRound 1 replay
There’s loads more where these came from, heading for an epic reader vote. If you’d like to nominate your own cool cats, contenders and loveable triers, please do scan or snap them and bung them to the usual address…

Got, Not Got – in the mixer for Football Book of the Year, and price hacked yet again on Amazon. Yours for the price of a round of drinks, delivered free…

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2 Responses to The Coolest Football Card Ever – ‘Anyone But Glenn Hoddle’ Managers Special

  1. Chris Worrall says:

    The coolest manager has got to be Eddie Turnbull of Hibs, in a cardy, in Panini’s Football 78 !

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