Hastily Recoloured Kit: Two Vintage Footy Card Forgeries… and the New Olympic Team GB Effort

Once again, let us whisk you back in time to the 1970s, when football card, sticker album and DC Comics bigwigs were way too tight to send their photographers round to all the all the clubs once per year, to collect pictures of players in their proper kit.
Witness this 1977 attempt by Topps to pull the wool over our eyes regarding Don Masson’s nice new ‘Derby County’ kit… complete with its familiar huge badge and funny collars… which was taken soon after his transfer from QPR… who Derby just happened to be playing on the afternoon in question.
Mike Docherty’s kit has a similar ring of authenticity about it in this card from the same set, coincidentally soon after he was transferred from Man City. It’s yet more classic felt-pen work by a 5-year-old child with no artistic talent or eye for detail. Well done.
And the same goes to Chris Oakley at the excellent Football Attic blog who sent in these vintage gems.

And good work, too, to DC Comic artist Stella McCartney, who recently took an old image of Robin, Boy Wonder and likewise applied her magical felt-pen talent, possibly getting a bit confused with Ginger Spice along the way. Meet Captain Team GB, complete with red cape and anti-shark repellant spray (out of shot). His superhero ‘boy powers’ include the ability to date a Wonderbra model (probably). Let’s hope the goalie version of the kit includes bangles that can deflect bullets. 

For more grumbling about modern stuff and liking old stuff even though it was probably just as rubbish really, please have a browse here at ‘Got, Not Got’. It’s got 224 pages, 1,000 pictures, 83,000 words and several really funny jokes.

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2 Responses to Hastily Recoloured Kit: Two Vintage Footy Card Forgeries… and the New Olympic Team GB Effort

  1. I love that Mike Docherty card, who needs Photoshop anyway?!

  2. notgot says:

    Dead right.

    GNG2 is going to be published as a banda sheet, hopefully.

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