The Summer of ’76 Best Ever Time to Be Young

The Long Hot Summer of 1976 was the best ever time to be a kid, according to a survey by Rocky chocolate biscuits….

You’ll not be surprised to hear that the authors of ‘Got, Not Got’ are in total agreement, one of them (the slightly younger one) being able to confirm this first hand.

It was the driest summer since 1772 and we spent all day every outdoors, playing football in our Admiral kits and building dams and dens.
The only time we were inside was when we went to bed and when Tiswas was on.  Or the Muppets. Or Starsky and Hutch.
We didn’t have PSP3s so we read things called books, you know.
We feel somehow… vindicated.
And all this internet was fields.

More rose-tinted wallowing in the past can be found in ‘Got, Not Got’ which you can buy online here.

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4 Responses to The Summer of ’76 Best Ever Time to Be Young

  1. Anyone who attended a live sporting event in 1976 will remember Abba’s “Dancing Queen” being played again and again and again and again on p.a. systems!

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Punk was beginning to fester and waiting to explode!

      • freson says:

        As well as Tranmere Rovers gaining promotion back to Division 3(with Ronnie Moore leading the line) I remember that summer for a massive invasion of ladybirds on the Wirral. If you put your cricket bat down for five minutes it was covered in them. Also we didn’t have Tiswas until 1979 on Granada, I think.

      • thefoxfanzine says:

        I remember the ladybird invasion!
        No Tiswas until 79? Good God.

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