Round 4 in the Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever – it’s KK, Kember and Cruyff…

Introducing the fourth round of entries in the grand Got, Not Got Quest for the Coolest Football Card Ever.
First up is suave groover Kevin Keegan, pictured in a bistrotheque in full velvet sex god regalia. Thanks to @FootyShirtGeek for sending in this KK along with a timewarp cry from the heart: “Soccer Stars 76/77 – Keegan compilation that ended up like a Picasso! Did anyone ever get these to match up?”  And thanks also to Tom Slater (@tslate83) for the comment that he’s “pulling off a decent impression of Peter Beardsley”…
Next up is Johan Cruyff, undoubtedly an all-time cool cat… but perhaps overdoing it a bit on the bling front in sunny Barcelona?
And so to Leicester City up-and-downer Steve Kember, kindly sent in by Chris Oakley of the recommended Football Attic blog. We thought our Steve was doing his award-winning Dopey the Dwarf, but Chris knows better: “Steve has the sort of smug smile that suggests he’s just been up to no good with a local lass behind the changing room.” Which adds a whole new, chilling perspective to proceedings.
Round 3 replayRound 2 replayRound 1 replay
There’s loads more where these came from, heading for an epic reader vote. If you’d like to nominate your own cool cats, contenders and loveable triers, please do scan or snap them and bung them to the usual address…

Got, Not Got – in the mixer for Football Book of the Year, and price hacked yet again on Amazon. Yours for the price of a round of drinks, delivered free…

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