All-time Classic Umbro kits – and a couple that never saw the light of day…

Have any of these classic Umbro strips ever been bettered by any of the clubs featured on the vintage ads shown here – by Liverpool, Rangers, Wolves, Sunderland, Arsenal or Everton?
Manchester City have rarely had a cleaner, cooler look – and the all-sky-blue kit certainly wasn’t trumped by two shirts we recently featured in a Treasure Trove slot in the City programme…
Hmm, not so keen on the mock-Victorian jobbie, but then to be fair it’s just a prototype that never went into production (except in Villa, Napoli and Parma colours)! Weird to think how City would have looked – or fared – in the inaugural Premier League season if the powers that be had gone for that round neckline and lace-up collar. The other kit produced, again by Umbro, for demonstration purposes only was a darker shade of blue than the eventual 1985-87 shirt, and lacks the Philips logo.

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4 Responses to All-time Classic Umbro kits – and a couple that never saw the light of day…

  1. Ipswich Town had the victorian design as well I believe around 92-94 era? I think United’s “Newton Heath” 3rd kit did as well. The kit transported Villa back to the Victorian Era, was so good they almost won the league!

  2. my curiosity got the better of me!
    Even Chelsea were going lace up crazy! Happy Days, wish it’d happen again, can’t even get a collar on a shirt nowadays!

    • notgot says:

      strange to think they were all going victorian, just as the game was undergoing a massive underhand revolution to steal the game from everyone assocaited with it in the past!

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