When the Road to European Glory was Shorter for Manchester United

Many thanks to the unknown kid who, in 1968, diligently cut out all the instalments of The Hornet to complete this Bernard Briggs’ Album of Football ’68… 

Thanks to the magic of eBay it has now found it’s way to Got, Not Got Towers and of it’s many (well, 14) and varied pages celebrating the achievements of the 1967-68 season we bring you this:

TRIUMPH IN EUROPE… which shows you the carefully cut out stars of Manchester United’s successful tilt at European Cup glory…

But compare and contrast the games played with the monstrous, sprawling number of fixtures that have to be played today.

1st Round: United 4:0 Malta Hibernian.
2nd Round: United 2:1 Sarajevo.
QF: United 2:1 Gornik.
SF: United 4:3 Real Madrid.
Final: United 4:1 Benfica.

Job done, Champions only need apply, get on with your lives.

For a longer and angrier critique on how they ruined all three European competitions read ‘Got, Not Got’, available online here.


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2 Responses to When the Road to European Glory was Shorter for Manchester United

  1. Philip serventi says:

    Just found my old scrapbook with Bernard Briggs’ album of football 68 inside presented with the hornet wow ! What’s it worth

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