‘Specialist interest’: yet more vintage sexy football stuff from Got, Not Got!

Is it just us, or does some of this vintage football stuff, ahem, press your buttons in a rather unseemly way?
It wasn’t us who started it: Got, Not Got had only been out for days when it was tagged in multiple forum and blog posts as ‘football porn’. There are admittedly quite a few vintage, innocently sexy bits in the book itself, with the Kays catalogue and Cov City’s smashing back-page ‘Girl of the Match’ especially bringing back memories of when large bikinis were full of mystery.
But, in truth, it’s the rose-tinted excitement of the little plastic men, the shiny black vintage boots (see today’s earlier post), the games we played and the heroes we looked up to that do the trick as much as delightful young ladies sitting on the roof of the Cov City Club Shop…

Last month, those nice people at the Cov prog followed the lead of Leeds, Man City, Brighton, Derby and Leicester and let us loose on a special Valentine’s Day spread: needless to say which vintage games, feelings and features loomed largest, to the delight of fans of a certain age. (“GNG brings return of saucy ladies to Sky Blue prog after 40 years“).
And at the weekend ‘Play Up Sky Blues’ let us have another go.
You don’t get autograph books, punk-rocker full-backs, free Football League magazines, Bestie guest spots or Heavyweight Subbuteo men any more. Or ladies in mini-dresses sitting on Club Shop roofs. More’s the pity.

Get ‘Got, Not Got’ here, for more illicit 1970s thrills and persistent moaning about the modern game.

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3 Responses to ‘Specialist interest’: yet more vintage sexy football stuff from Got, Not Got!

  1. Which match was that from? I bought PUSB from both the Leeds and Burnley games and they both had the same spread in…(the first one)

  2. ah cool. Popped to the shop after that game, but they hadn’t brought the leftover progs back in by then. Shall have to nip back there at the weekend 🙂

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