Bring Back Black Boots… NOW!

Remember when football boots were mostly black, as nature intended?

They just looked right.
I’m not being puritanical about it, I like a well designed splash of colour as much as the next man, such as you might find on these beautiful late 70s  Puma Mario Kempes Campeons.

I’m not suggesting we have no colour on boots as happened in the 1974 World Cup when the Scotland players fell out with their boot suppliers and took a black felt pen to the distinguishing logos.
Just that the base colour remains black.
A black canvas on which Puma and Adidas can paint their designs.

The other week a team visited Leicester, I can’t remember who, and in addition to the usual unsightly rash of neon-orange and luminous-green there was a player wearing half bright-yellow and half electric-tangerine and I thought:
“You, mate, look like a f***ing clown.”

Enough. Bring back proper boots and we’ll say no more about it.
The FA have lots of rules about tucking shirts in and socks pulled up and base-layer clothing being the right colour, so why do they continue to allow this unseemly display of rainbow footwear?

View some splendidly proper boots at  where they are rebuilding their site after the original one took a wild swing and flew off into cyberspace…

And buy ‘Got, Not Got’ here, for more persistent moaning about the modern game.


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One Response to Bring Back Black Boots… NOW!

  1. The Puma King is the greatest football boot of all time!

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