Rangers: How did it come to this?

These are tough times we are living in, and football, outside the financially insulated world of the Premier League, is reflecting this perfectly…  

* Portsmouth, FA Cup winners in 2008, may not see out the season, having entered administration for the second time in two years…
* Port Vale have been issued with a winding up petition by HMR&C unable to pay tax bills, creditors, or staff wages…
* Darlington actually passed the deadline for liquidation, before somehow managing to claw back a reprieve…
* And one of the biggest clubs in the UK, the mighty Rangers of Glasgow, are facing the very real prospect of liquidation. They are currently asking players to leave without taking redundancy payments in an attempt to sort out their dreadful financial mess.
Midfielder Gregg Whyte explained on his exit from Ibrox: “I volunteered to walk with no redundancy package today to help the other people in the club who have families, like the kitchen staff. “At the moment I have nowhere to go and I don’t have another club.”

How did it come to this?

Quite simply, footballers are paid way too much money.
Their talents must be recognised, but this has now spiralled out of control. If this isn’t addressed soon then a lot of clubs will go to the wall.
Whatever the in and outs of Rangers’ particular situation the root cause of the problem is players’ wages. A full Ibrox every week should be able to cover the wage bill.
Some Rangers players acceptance of a 75% wage cut, while being quite admirable in some ways, also illustrates quite how astonishing the original figures must have been.
They will probably manage to get by on £5,000 a week until May.

Look at the players in the photo above… how much were they on?

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