The Greatest Old-School Football Headlines: No. 1

First in our occasional series of tear-inducing old-school headlines is this effort from the Forest programme dated 19th April 1980, just 10 days after Cloughie’s Euro marauders had… well, the headline says it all really…

We like this effort mainly because it won’t mean a thing to younger readers brought up in a cosmopolitan age under the rule of political correctness, whereby it’s illegal to pronounce foreign places/players/food in English, as God intended. Even when they’re arsking for it. 

Ah, how perfectly it reflects the lazy, backward, easy-going way things were in 1980, when a half-decent team from an average city in the East Midlands with funny tashes and a nutty genius at the helm could whup the best of Europe, two years running.

Send in scans or snaps of your own favourite old-school football headlines from papers, magazines, programmes. We’ll bung the best up online – and you’ll probably get a crap job with the Sunday Sun.

Tons more old toss in Got, Not Got. 20 quid reduced to 12 quid.

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2 Responses to The Greatest Old-School Football Headlines: No. 1

  1. Bez Hodgson says:

    Not exactly headline as it was in a match report: I remember the match report in the Evening Gazette Sports (then the pink Saturday after match edition we waited with excitement at the paper shop for), John Hickton had a tremendous shit, which hit the bar.

  2. notgot says:

    They don’t amke typos like that any more… chiefly because they’re they’re not writing, subbing, setting, printing and flogging a pink paper all within an hour or two of final whistle!

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