Knitted players and free beer on the pitch – cool new ‘Watford in 100 Objects’ project

Thanks go out to Jason Bailey for getting in touch to tell us he’s finished Got, Not Got! – and has now embarked on a must-see nostalgia fest of his own called ‘Watford In 100 Objects’, which also centres around lost football culture and forgotten treasures.
Jason hosts a podcast for Watford FC fans called From The Rookery End. “This season,” he explains, “we’ve asked our listeners and blog readers to suggest ‘memorable’ items related to Watford and where appropriate, we add them to the list.”
No matter which team you support, you definitely need to see Jason’s mum’s knitted Wilf Rostron! Meanwhile, we’ve chipped in this 1982 ad featuring John Barnes, Luther Blissett and the non-knitted Wilf enjoying their free celebratory pints out on the pitch. Here’s to the Thirst Division, indeed. Where do we sign up?

You don’t get free pints given away at football these days, and players don’t drink pints out on the pitch – just £700 bottles of champagne at so-called gentlemen’s clubs. You don’t get cracking badges like this any more, either. More’s the pity.

Be like Jason. Mail us and let us know when you’ve finished Got, Not Got! Here’s a helpful link if you find yourself temporarily short of the requisite bog/bedside table companion. Now reduced to just 12 quid at Amazon.

The real magic is the collection and display of the illustrative material of stickers, badges, programme covers, Subbuteo figures and other ephemera. It is astonishingly thorough, well-presented, inspired and indeed had me going, ‘yes, got, got, not got, forgot, never seen’.” – When Saturday Comes
“It’s a beauty. An absolute must-have for all you nostalgia junkies out there. It’s a memory-filled journey back into the 60s, 70s & 80s when football was .. well .. better. Wonderful articles and evocative images and above all lots of fun, Got Not Got has it all. Christmas is coming up so treat yourself or your football mad relatives to one of the best football books around.” –

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5 Responses to Knitted players and free beer on the pitch – cool new ‘Watford in 100 Objects’ project

  1. Leo Tennant says:

    Looks like thirsty ex-Fox, Steve Sims, 3rd from right, back row.

    • Keith Pritchett says:

      back row, Ian Bolton,Keith Pritchett,Kenny Jacket,John Barnes,Steve Sherwood Gerry Armstrong,Steve Simms,Pat Rice and Malcolm Poskett.
      Front, Luther Blisset, Les Taylor and Nigel Callaghan. All the best from N.Z. Keith Pritchett.

  2. notgot says:

    Go on, recite us your first Hornets team…

    • Keith Pritchett says:

      Not sure if you noticed that my name is, actually, Keith Pritchett.Back row second from the left. It is the first time I have seen the photo for many years and remember doing it. Wilf Rostron was injured that day with a few others and Graham kept them in the treatment room. As opposed to the report, above, Wilf is not in the picture. Cheers.

      • notgot says:

        Wow, that’s different class, Keith! You’re the first blog reader to actually feature in their first, most memorable ‘classic’ team that everyone can recite.

        Sorry to hear Wilf Rostron missed out on the free beer on the pitch, but I’m sure his pint wasn’t wasted!

        Go on, give us a golden memory of your Graham Taylor/Elton John years – any personal anecdote that will tug the heartstrings of Watford fans – and we’ll put it straight into Got Not Got 2 and bung you a copy despite the frightening postage cost to Down Under! Must have been a great time, charging up the divisions under GT…

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