The weirdest, crappest or coolest football game ever? Have you ever played, or even seen Snoccer?

Cooyer, eh? Just how cool was the long-lost, much yearned-for, largely forgotten and highly improbable game of Snoccer?
Ahh, to line up your four-and-a-half players in time-honoured style and cannon a shot off a mini-hamburger and into the bulging net past a stranded Peter Shilton. Or should that be Willie Thorne?
Snoccer - cooler than subbuteo, soccerama, even waddington's table football?
Please do get in touch if you’ve ever played, seen or – Shangri-La territory here, folks – if you actually have a Snoccer game chucked in the back of your wardrobe.
Needless to say, there’s a free copy of GNG2 in it for anybody who can come up with the hard evidence to prove that this baby really did exist!
And, of course, please do ping us a mail or a comment about any other weird games, stories or memorabilia you’ve been saving up since the 60s/70s/80s. We’ll come round and play you on the living room carpet and it’ll be just like we’re 11 again, more or less.

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11 Responses to The weirdest, crappest or coolest football game ever? Have you ever played, or even seen Snoccer?

  1. I remember that advert in mid 1980’s Match Weekly 🙂 wonder if anyone did buy it .. would be something you;d see on dragons den if it was made now

  2. I am not sure if I am imagining this but I think remember seeing a game called Blow Football which was much less rude than it sounds!

  3. Scott says:

    Hi, I don’t have the table, however I do kind of know who invented ‘snoccer’ his name is Bill and he was good friends with and played golf at Mitcham golf club with my Dad in the 80’s, my old man is going to find out if he’s still about, I’ll see if I can get a history of snoccer story for you. I know it bombed, big time!

  4. jim says:

    I know quite a lot about Snoccer and have played it !!
    Your previous respondent is right .
    It was invented by Bill , ( xxxxxx ) and he did play golf at Mitcham
    I have a picture somewhere of the 1981 Spurs team playing Snoccer which if this thread is still going I will try and find
    Bill and his family put a lot of effort to marketing they worked with a leading snooker table company they had signed up Dennis Law as their UK ambassador and had tee shirts and sweaters printed with their catchy marketing phrase which I will reveal later I knew Bill quite well , but was more a friend of his son

  5. jim says:

    This is not the original game
    In the original game , invented by Bill , you actually cued the “player ” . you can see the rubber band around the men in the picture above , it took them quite a few iterations before they got a smooth flowing “player ”
    Still not come across the pic


  6. Neil Beattie says:

    I do remember seeing adverts for it in Roy of the Rovers. Pestered my dad to buy me one but no chance. My dad thought it was a joke.

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