‘Football’s TV Cream’, ‘Best since Hornby’, ‘A bit like heroin… moreish’ – What you’re saying about Got, Not Got

Media feedback on GNG is collected on the Press Page for all to see; but just as important is our direct reader feedback on the book Derek’s brother-in-law called “quite professional”. Cheers for that, Rick…
Most topically of all, thanks to @ian berriman for his Tweet yesterday: “Reading football book @GotNotGot which I finally got for my birthday. Crammed with old ephemera. Bit like a football equivalent of TV Cream…”

★★★★★ If you are in your 40’s or 50’s, like football and don’t own this book then you must be some sort of weirdo! Buy it and enjoy an unadulterated wallow in childhood nostalgia. Like me you’ll probably end up rationing your reading so that you don’t finish the book too quickly. Totally brilliant! Amazon.co.uk
★★★★★ “The best book about our national game since Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch.” –waterstones.com
 ★★★★★ ”Brilliantly put together – if you like football you’ll love this book. Got, Not Got is a must have book for anyone who can remember football before foreign owners and TV changed the game completely. From a time when players were numbered from 1 to 11, didn’t get tired and had to get another job when their careers ended. It’s packed full of all the ephemera that was available from cardboard league tables and bubble gum cards to games such as Subbuteo.  – amazon.co.uk
★★★★★ ”The best football book ever! It is, quite simply, the best football book ever written. Funny, clever, well designed and intelligently compiled, it also provides a literate and intelligent social commentary about an era when things really were different. Truly wonderful. – amazon.co.uk
★★★★★ A bit like Heroin… Moreish. Close your eyes for one moment (this does make reading slightly difficult) and you are back on a dirty terrace wearing a cheap polyester football shirt reading a 35p program. I don’t think the pages are scratch and sniff but the text does a great job of taking you back to an age of cigar smoke filled concourse and Bovril that burnt the roof of your mouth. I suggest that if you like football as it once was then dust off your admiral shirt; pick up your Panini sticker swaps and click the “add to basket” button right now. – amazon.co.uk
★★★★★ “A stunning work that captures the heart and soul of football as I knew it when I first fell in love with the game. If you love football on any level then I beg you to buy this book.” – amazon.co.uk

And finally, a blog reader comment from our own Press Page:

“The best football book that I have purchased for years, a real treasure trove of memories and bygone days when I used to love the game so much.”

Cheers, chaps. And please do spread the word!

Click here to buy your copy…

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