Hastily Recoloured Stickers: Casper and Sinclair

Welcome once more to the FKS Wonderful World of Soccer Stars in Action picture stamp album 1969-70…

There was a time, about forty years ago, when footballers could afford to be in colour, but the crowd were still in black and white, due to austerity measures and paying back the US war loans.

Here we see Newcastle United’s Jackie Sinclair bathed in technicolour, while the monochrome crowd look on in admiration…

Similarly here’s Frank Casper of Burnley resplendent in the claret and blue of Burnley, watched by a greyscale crowd, though at least those in the expensive seats managed a shade of blue.

Hard times… but Happy Days…

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2 Responses to Hastily Recoloured Stickers: Casper and Sinclair

  1. Nice, when I read the title of this piece I thought I would be a story on a player changing clubs at the last minute before the cards/stickers were published and a company putting the new kit on him! LOL I hadn’t considered having the crowd in B&W and the player in colour was an austerity measure. These stamps look pretty dapper!

  2. thefoxfanzine says:

    The 1969-70 set is my favourite. Colour photography at football still seemed to be something of a rarity and no end of them have been ‘colourised’ often by people with no discernible artistic talent.

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