Tiger 1960s Album of Football Club Badges – the cool and the curious…

Here’s Tiger comic’s ‘Album of Football Club Badges’, dating back 50 years to to 1962 but snagged just recently off eBay for a cool 99p.

How sweet to roll back the years and revisit a time before the rash of so-called improvements and marketing rethinks began in the 1970s and continued through to the Premier League era, tossing away the historic grounding and tradition of so many clubs’ crests.

Our fave is the daunting-looking gold and black cross jobbie on the cover, complete with padlock, pillow, chess piece and book. Not sure which club it belongs (or belonged) to, mind!
tiger comic - club badges booklet 1962

All the town and city crests have a pre-PR cool now largely jettisoned for more brand-friendly logos that tie in with rethought nicknames and giant foam rubber mascot suits.

Betcha can’t name all six beastie-related badges below…

What’s your favourite old-school club badge? Betcha (double or quits) you can’t beat the bee and the arrow and the nuclear submarine on the Esso foil freebie badge on the back cover of Got, Not Got…

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14 Responses to Tiger 1960s Album of Football Club Badges – the cool and the curious…

  1. Shrewsbury, Derby, Cardiff, Spurs, Leeds?, Hull? ……I know Leeds used to have an owl badge I think?

  2. Or maybe Leeds was a peacock? Yeah must be, too close to Sheff Wed to be an Owl! Am I right?

  3. thefoxfanzine says:

    You have 5 out of 6.
    Leeds have had an owl and a peacock but this is not them.

  4. Ian du Feu says:

    Shrewsbury, Derby, Cardiff, Spurs, Bradford City & Hull City?

  5. Tough! It looks like the Spurs badge. Is it Sheffield Wednesday? I know it won’t be! LOL

  6. I know Leeds changed but it isn’t them! I think, and only think, that Crystal Palace had a change of kit etc, but I’m clutching at straws? I’ll have another punt Coventry, not sure why I’m saying that though as they have the ball, elephants etc but I got a feeling Jimmy Hill gave them a makeover!

    Coventry or Palace? Please!

  7. bogfox says:

    Shrewsbury,Derby,Cardiff,Tottenham,Bradford City and Hull City.

  8. WOW! I’m really pleased with that! Not bad for a 32 yr old. A lot of it was before my time but I do love the old memorabilia, been collecting Aston Villa sew on patches for the last 4 years or so, got about 70 now.

    If anybody’s interested in collecting old football memorabilia I’d very much recommend collecting sew on patches of your club. The enamel badge collectors pay huge prices and it really is/was out of my price range (over £1000 for a badge of AVFC in one instance) . I’ve been able to collect loads of Villa patches for incredibly cheap prices. Over the 4 years I’d estimate I’ve spent £400 maybe, which is nothing over such a long period).

    Best wishes to all memorabillia (have I spelt that right!?) enthusiasts. Hope you’re able to bring another book out eventually!


  9. Forgot to say…..thanks for the clue! TBH I don’t think I’d have got it if you hadn’t mentioned them changing their badge, kit & nickname.

  10. Excellent, can’t wait to read it! Yeah, you’re most welcome to.

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