Supersonic Soccer Stuff They Sold Us in the ‘Seventies – Impossible Kit Quiz (Part 2: Admiral Tramlines!)

Thanks go out to Got, Not Got reader/contributor Simon Stewart for bunging us this astonishing chunk of football literature from the Decade that Everybody Mistakenly Calls the Decade That Taste Forgot.

The task, dear reader, should you choose to accept it, is to list the teams whose kits are shown on the cover of this early Martin Tyler hit from 1977 (ish). Don’t worry, this blog won’t self-destruct in five seconds.

So roll up, all you tramline nostalgists, all you Subbuteo aficionados and retro clobber clothes-horses. Just one problem: we don’t think you’re going to score 11 out of 11…

Incidentally, because GNG photographer Nev Chadwick was also the official Admiral snapper back in the day, we happen to know this pic was taken on Leicester’s Saffron Lane cycle track, starring office staff from Admiral.

Finally, it’s a big GNG hello to Wales (Away) with the cuboid hair, and Peter Osgood (or is it Peter Houseman?) guesting for Luton… both of whom might be chuffed to hear they’ve been inhabiting our Simon’s football-related unconscious since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.

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18 Responses to Supersonic Soccer Stuff They Sold Us in the ‘Seventies – Impossible Kit Quiz (Part 2: Admiral Tramlines!)

  1. Despite the fact that they are Admiral staff they all look remarkably like 70s footballers!

  2. thefoxfanzine says:

    There are definitely Keevin Keegan/Supermac and Brian Roberts lookylikeys in there.

  3. Chris O says:

    OK, I’m game… I’ll guess the following:

    Back row: Wales (a); Coventry (a)?; Leeds (h)
    Middle row: No idea!; Luton (h); Wales (h); Coventry (3rd)
    Front row: Coventry (h); Luton (a); England (h); Sheff Utd (h)

  4. That’s the one I can’t name and it’s my book….

    • Chris O says:

      The only kit I’ve been able to find from that era(-ish) is that of the Toronto Metros (1980-81), but even that’s not identical. Don’t suppose it was a kit that was produced for anyone to buy but wasn’t associated with a team, was it?

  5. Back row – middle – Bolton Away 76-77? (I’m cheating though… )

    Middle – Far Right – Also…Eintract Frankfurt ( )

  6. thefoxfanzine says:

    That one isn’t in my Admiral 77-78 Catalogue – and that includes: Indonesia, Jayakarta (home and away, naturally), Selangor, Bahrain, Singapore and Saudi Arabia!

  7. Chris Worrall says:

    I think middle left may be Clydebank away, as their home kit of 77 was the same design but in white with red and black bands. The Luton kits are white for away, and orange for home, two of the best kits of all time in my opinion, and replicated this very season. By the way, I WANT THIS BOOK !!! Admiral late 70’s is simply the best era for kits !

  8. i got this book off ebay a couple of years ago

  9. This was inspired by it…ah the childhood days of designing kits…though this was done aged 36…cough cough!/sofa_soccer/media/slideshow?

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