Get Your CO-OP Football Plaque Token Here!

Here’s your first embossed football club plaque token to send off to the CO-OP… and only forty years too late…

You only need two, plus 25 new pee and you can send off for your plaque.  
Just pick from the oddly random list of big, small and medium-sized clubs on the list and the fun can begin… 

It’s all at Your CO-OP Now! (Not to be confused with Mick Coop of Coventry City)…


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Editor of The FOX Fanzine - covering Leicester City for 23 years... it seems longer.
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4 Responses to Get Your CO-OP Football Plaque Token Here!

  1. notgot says:

    I had the City plaque up on my bedroom door as well.

    And a No Entry sign, which wasn’t 100% effective.

    Never really saw the plaques as a collectable type thing.

    Guess you could get them from other sources too, as City not on the list!

  2. Nigel says:

    These are the same plaques as issued by Typhoo-Tea in 1972/73 for 25p each. Do you have the date of this Co-Op advertisement? It would be interesting to know whether Typhoo or the Co-Op issued these first? According to my records Typhoo offered 36 of these plaques, whereas the Co-Op offers 31. The missing five are Aston Villa, Celtic, Leicester City, QPR and Rangers. The fact that both the Co-Op and the Typhoo sets include the (if you’ll pardon the expression) ‘strange’ choices including Oldham, Peterborough, Shrewsbury, Southport and Stockport strongly suggests that they are exactly the same set of plaques.

    • thefoxfanzine says:

      I’ll try and find the ad Nigel, I have a feeling it was earlier than 72-73.
      I think Typhoo maybe bought the moulds off them or something like that?
      I had a Leicester one stuck on my bedroom door for years.

  3. paul says:

    hi was there a derby county typhoo football plaque many thanks paul

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