Keegan The Big Lie: ’80s Casdon Scandal Rears Its Ugly Head

“This system of pirouetting players, ball-bearing ball and wildly undulating pitch surface was a big seller over the years, and Casdon’s ‘Item No. 150’ went through several rebrands,” Gary wrote in Got, Not Got. “Kenny Dalglish put his name to it after Bobby’s retirement, and then in the Eighties it became the England Squad Soccer Game with Paul Mariner, Kevin Keegan, Bryan Robson and Garry Birtles challenging the rules of perspective by crowding round the playing surface along with two small children on the box photo.”

But now GNG reader Stuart Barlow has reopened a whole Keggie Keedle Kan-of-worms Kontroversy with a post to the GNG Facebook page featuring blog posts, Sabotage Times football card galleries, Mirror Football posts and ace reader contributions to GNG2.

“Yeah,” says our Stu. “Keegan’s really there.”

Thanks to Vectis Auctions and their treasure trove of irresistible old tat for the damning evidence posted up as proof.

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