Ex-pats’ footy mag Winger goes ape over ‘magnificent’ Got, Not Got

Winger – The Review of British Football, is a quarterly A5 mag produced with the ex-pat football-fan market in mind – but that’s not to say it isn’t a recommended read for punters in Britain too.

More info here on this up-and-coming cult read. But meanwhile here’s a sneak preview of their review of GNG, a book guaranteed to tug the heartstrings of anyone who finds themselves feeling detached from proper football not just by 20 or 30 years but by thousands of miles as well…

Lavish trove of treasure, yeah.

And so far 19 straight 5-star punter reviews on Amazon, not all of them written by Gary’s mum…

It’s almost enough to make you want to check out the Got, Not Got Facebook page and add an amusing comment on the subject of 1981, or your Meccano penalty taker figure, or the Charlie Williams football card you found down the back of your fitted wardrobe, or Ken Foggo of Norwich City.

We hope you ‘like’ it.

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