Bloke guru James Brown says you need ‘Got, Not Got’ in your life

James Brown, founder of Loaded magazine and Sabotage Times and arguably the most influential media bloke of the last two decades, digs ‘Got, Not Got’.

“It’s like finding your old sticker album… Anyone who is so disgruntled with their team’s current status that they’d rather delve back in time will love this book.”

Check out what else James says on, where there’s also a fantastic image gallery including loads of stuff from the book, and loads more additional stuff in lavish revolving Sabotagenicolor…

You need GNG in your life, hours of year-round bog-time reading, yeah.

And so far 19 straight 5-star punter reviews on Amazon, not all of them written by Gary’s mum…

It’s almost enough to make you want to check out the Got, Not Got Facebook page and add an amusing comment on the subject of 1982, or your Johnny Goalgetter ripoff Action Man, or throwing bog-roll at the crossbar, or Ken Beamish of Tranmere Rovers.

We hope you ‘like’ it.

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