Send us a scan or a snap of your iffy old / frankly magnificent vintage football badges!

It all started out when our old mate Steve O’Neill saw our Jinky Johnstone post and was moved to tell us all about his fave badge from back in the day at Love Street, Paisley (yep, St. Mirren fan…): JACKIE COPLAND IS THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

And then yesterday evening when we were happily tweeting away on @Got_Not_Got about our supercool (99p eBay) West Brom player keyring from circa 1972 – highly enviable if you happen to be @peterbone1 or any other Baggies fan listening in… for example @shampps

Wowed by our retro Throstles swag, In tweets Lisa (for it is she) “I do have a particularly fetching original cyrille regis badge”
Bung it to us and we’ll stick it up on the blog, we tweet back, slyly finding out who @shampps is when she’s at home: “WBA fan & photo dabbler who nearly ran over Youssouf Mulumbu and his man bag outside the Hawthorns. Loves Regis & The Liquidator.”

And lo and behold!  The badge arrives within seconds! “@Got_Not_Got here you go – still my ultimate number 9 #WBA #cyrilleregis”

As you can see, the badge is a cracker – unbeatable in many ways. Unless, of course, you know better – and have a badge tucked away at the back of a draw that’s even more groovy than Big Cyrille!?!

So it’s goodbye for now from Lisa @shampps: “@Got_Not_Got many thanks. I found Cyrille in the Oxfam shop. He’s safe with me now 🙂 “

And happy birthday from us! (yesterday)

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