Got, Not Got Shortlisted!

Review from the dead good ShortList mag, sadly unavailable out here in the sticks but big news (and views and reviews) pointing pressurised punters in the right direction in The Smoke, Greater London and all points NES+W on the choo-choo mainlines. 

Hot tips this week include a Tube-trip diet of Got, Not Got and Charlie Brooker, iPodtracked by Icelandic ambient and Canadian retro pop, with Gervais and Merchant waiting in the corner when you get home.

Thanks to Steve O’Neill for scanning and sending us the piece live from the metropolis. We can’t wait to see the St. Mirren lifer’s proudest possession, a badge emblazoned with the notion once popular in Paisley, that JACKIE COPLAND IS THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

Go on, get in touch with your treasures and pleasures, too.

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6 Responses to Got, Not Got Shortlisted!

  1. sgd says:

    superb effort, we called squash “slam” round our way and I think that Lawrie Mac drank “Barbican” not Kaliber.I am sure that swivel boots were advertised in Roy of the Rovers.

    my copy arrived on Thursday ended up going to sleep at 2.30am.well worth it many thanks.


    • thefoxfanzine says:

      Thanks for the kind words sgd,

      glad you enjoyed it and please spread the word!


    • notgot says:

      Argh! You’re right! It was Barbican!

      Barbican alcohol-free lager (c.1980)
      Laurie McMenemy (football manager):

      Have you tried this new Barbican?
      Brewed like an ordinary lager…
      and then they take all the alcohol out!
      (forces down a gulp):
      It’s great, man!

      Strange, cos I was a barman at the time at the White Horse in Oadby, and I tried a bottle to see what it was like. It tasted very slightly of oats or wheat that had been left to soak in water for an hour or two, but the weird thing was how you couldn’t feel it going down your throat.

      • sgd says:

        hello again,

        dancing footballers!
        clips of footballers made to dance by rolling vt back and forth and playing music over the top.
        “gimme dat ding”,”you,you’re driving me crazy” and “oh i’ve been hurt” were used.

        this used to be shown when ATV got their running times wrong.

        oh how I used to laugh at the sight of a player(derby i think) with his foot stuck in a St John’s stretcher whilst trying to take a corner…

        tell me that you remember them as mates tend to look a bit vague when i bore them about this childhood memory.

  2. Mine just arrived in the post. What an absolutely fucking beautiful book. And that’s just from five minutes of slightly breathless, foreplay-like perusal.

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