The Airfix Generation – Millwall

It’s a grey, drizzly Sunday…

Just the sort of day that you would have spent painting up your Airfix Footballers in as many kits as you could remember.
The all-white… the blue version… Bukta, Spall and Asics…. Lewisham.
A dab here and a dab there and he looks like Bryan Hamilton, and he looks like Harry Cripps, guarding the gates of Millwall on the front of the Football League Review. 

Until the double misery of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and “Have you got any homework, son?” remind you that Monday morning is all too near once again…

The model shop has shut down now. You’d have to order your Humbrol’s online.

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2 Responses to The Airfix Generation – Millwall

  1. I’d use Humbrol to re-paint entire Subbuteo teams. Messily. The other thing I used Humbrol paints for was to pimp my Chopper. Never knew Airfix did footballers.

  2. notgot says:

    Too right – Airfix did model planes in boxes 12 inches long which strangely only ever gave birth to planes 7 inches long. I was a decals-without-paint kid, me. I remember my glue-scarred Concorde (no need for paint there, it was already white) as if it was yesterday, swooping through my bedroom’s porthole window along with an all-grey Lancaster bomber with wonky mod targets all over its, ahem, fuselage.

    That’s the first time I’ve ever typed the word ‘fuselage’. Unlike your ‘pimp my Chopper’.

    Talking of companies who didn’t or probably shouldn’t have, I’ll see those Airfix footballers and raise you… my Meccano penalty-taker action figure.

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