Rabbit’s Ears

Back in the Sixties and Seventies much emphasis was placed on the proper tying of shoelaces. It was regarded as an essential life skill and anyone not proficient in the practice would, sooner or later, suffer a terrible injury. No adult would ever pass up a chance to tell you that your untied lace was about as dangerous a hazard as you could ever face in life. They all knew a little boy who had tripped over an untied lace and broken his arm/leg/jaw/sternum and then died of complications.

Even footballers joined the crusade, treating their bubble-gum cards like public information films. For a few years it was all the rage to be nonchalantly tying your shoelaces as the camera pointed at you.

Here Sammy Nelson, of Arsenal, delivers the subliminal message: “You make two bunny ears, bunny goes around the tree, into the burrow, pull tight…”

Be smart, be safe.

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Editor of The FOX Fanzine - covering Leicester City for 23 years... it seems longer.
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