Keggy and Tosh as Del-Boy and Plonker Rodney as Batman and Robin…

There was a time when even the country’s top footballers were subject to the whim and fancy of any magazine or newspaper photographer who had a barmy idea.

Here, Liverpool’s John Toshack and Kevin Keegan have been asked to pose as ‘Deadly Duo’ Batman and Robin. Seemingly powerless to say no, they don distinctly low-budget approximations of the superheroes’ costumes. Putting aside all dignity, they strike a pose for the snapper.


For anyone who thought ‘Got, Not Got’ was laying it on a bit thick regarding “the humiliation of British football’s most potent strike force” in a Robin tunic “with an ‘R’ scrawled on in marker pen” and “Batman shorts that look as though they were made by somebody’s mum”… we think this supplementary evidence shows we were pretty fair.

The same goes for our call to bring back this kind of ritual photo-op abuse. We think it might do some of the modern game’s worst offenders a power of good, like a good old-fashioned hour in the corner wearing a dunce’s cap. We really would like to see Carlos Tevez dressed up as home-made Swamp Thing. Wayne Rooney posing as a saggy DIY Flash. John Terry as Wonder Woman, with bulletproof bangles and a big plaggy tiara.

But Gary would like to apologise to his mum.

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