Peter ‘The Bee’ Shilton’s Bullworker – and Nine More Must-Haves for Your Xmas Prezzie List

“You’ll build steelhard muscles in every part of your body, and your husky good looks will be the stepping stone to an exciting new life…”

Bullworker gives England’s dynamic goalkeeper Peter Shilton that extra muscle power required to lift a stocky six-foot brickie clean off his feet and send him soaring through the air in unlikely fashion. The scientifically proven principles of isotonics (established by the Max Planck Institute in Germany) play their part in enabling Shilts to cheat gravity, along with a built-in powermeter. Stand-up comedian Stewart Lee hates football, but he’s still one of the best writers on football. Stew’s nickname for Shilton: ‘The Bee’.

There’s nine more Chrimbo must-haves here in our Sabotage Times article.

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2 Responses to Peter ‘The Bee’ Shilton’s Bullworker – and Nine More Must-Haves for Your Xmas Prezzie List

  1. james says:

    The Bullworker really does work, Isometrics where used by the old time strong men, and this device is more conveinient than ropes, chains, and bodyweight. The weight companies talk a load of bollocks about anything that threatens their sales, bodybuilders are a bunch of wankers who allways need the pump, so they will allways slag it off as a girls device (no jokes please)
    Use the bullworker, do a bit of daily fasting and you will look slim and fit. Bodybuilders have small genitals and small brains, you need to run, function, and shag. Not paint yourself fucking orange for 2 days a year.

  2. Chris Waddington says:

    James is correct…(and very funny).Bullworkers most definitely do work (good for women as well)… if you use them properly (and of course many do not,they just mess around,and are usually the ones who complain about ‘tendonitis’).I am in my late forties and use a Bullworker X5 (nineteen eighties model) most days, in conjunction with stretching,cycling,swimming and martial arts/some bodyweight exercises and i am in the best shape of my life…stronger,lean,greater muscle definition,trim and effective, not bulky.You can use a bullworker almost anywhere,no rip off gym fees…the fitness/gym factory/weight industry have a vested interest in making money and trying to silence and talk crap about the benefits of isometrics/Bullworkers in general…let them, we know better.Body builders/iron heads may be ‘bigger’…and most of us do not care a jot.Although some weights in moderation are very good for body strength/ endurance (but not so great later on with joint damage),i will stick to the brilliantly designed product that is the Bullworker,my only regret is that i had not purchased one sooner.(The Bodi-tek powerworker is also a very well made,excellent,similar product too and comes with an exercise wall chart.Everlast also make one,a cheaper version called the ‘powerbow’ which is o.k to start with if you do not want to spend too much first time around but is not as well made and the cables fray,although it is nice and light).

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