GOT, NOT GOT Hits the Top Five…!

Yesterday afternoon we appeared on Talksport’s Hawksbee & Jacobs Show to talk about ‘Got, Not Got’ prompting an instant response on the Amazon sales charts…

As we made our way down to a classic Waterloo corner pub for a post-interview pint our Amazon rating started to soar and by the end of the day we had moved from fortysomething up into the top four in the Football Bestsellers chart.
Many thanks to Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs who were very enthusiastic about the book and gave us a generous amount of airtime.

After Talksport we moved on to Canary Wharf to meet up with Steve Anglesey of to do another interview for his podcast which you can listen to here:

Thanks to Steve, who has been a big supporter of ours all the way through G,NG’s creative process…


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3 Responses to GOT, NOT GOT Hits the Top Five…!

  1. Excellent news! Now go on, knock Gormless Gary and the tardy-tackling ginger nut off the top spots.

    • notgot says:

      Oi oi! I’ve finally found a bit of time to have a poke around Stay-At-Home Indie-Pop, and at a number of points it filled me with the kind of feeling I used to get in 1972.

      I’ll add it to our sidebar, so anybody else who likes/misses the feeling of being exactly the same as they were when they were 10 (as well as an enthusiastically grumpy 40-something, however that works) can breathe deep and fill their lungs.

      And hey, look out for some techno fireworks in the hover-over department!

      But hey, I hope you’re not saying that picture of Roy Race and Portsmouth and England’s David Kemp isn’t, like, real.


  2. thefoxfanzine says:

    Scholesy’s undercut us with his £10.99 discount!

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