In Need of a Scottish Superstar

Scotland have reverted to their round shirt badge from the seventies for tonight’s giant-killing attempt against Spain in Alicante…

But there are other things that many a Scot wishes they could bring back.

Remember when Scotland had Superstars?
Up until twenty years ago, every great First Division team in football history had included at least one Scot, usually the brains of the operation – the ball player, the stopper who could do more than just stop, or the unstoppable goalscorer.

Frank McLintock was the skipper of Arsenal’s great Double-winning side of 1971 – the archetypal Scot, three moves ahead of the play. If anyone can explain the Scottish malaise, it’s Frank.
“As soon as you came out of school you put your jackets down for goals, picked two teams, and you were off in a game. You did it for as long as you could get away with it. Your mother would be shouting up the street, ‘Hurry up! Your dinner’s ready!’ as it was getting dark. It’s been told by a million people, but that’s how it used to be.
I think that’s why Scotland had so many wonderful players coming through. They tell me now that they never see any kids playing in the street at all. They’ve all got their computers and electronic stuff in their rooms and unfortunately that has changed it all.”

Come on kids, Choose fitba.


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