Spare a Thought for Jack Rodwell…

… sitting out the rest of the Merseyside derby after his ball-winning challenge was judged to be worthy of a straight red card by referee Martin Atkinson.

I wonder what Tommy Smith, Jimmy Case or Brian Labone are thinking now?
It was such an awful decision that they really ought to do the decent thing and let the lad back on.
Yet more evidence that Modern Football is Rubbish…

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2 Responses to Spare a Thought for Jack Rodwell…

  1. jgrady12345 says:

    I’m not sure how the Rodwell incident is “…evidence that modern football is rubbish”? Certain aspects, such as refereeing, interpretation of the rules, diving and play-acting most certainly are !!

    Notwithstanding that, just how bad was that red card ? The worst ever (and I’m a Liverpool supporter!!) – Everton must appeal, and Atkinson should be thrown out of the game.

  2. thefoxfanzine says:

    Hello mate,

    It’s a little bit (though by no means entirely) tongue in cheek. All will become clear when the book comes out in five days!
    Thanks for your comment

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